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Soil and Nutrient Management

The objective of this course is to introduce concepts of soil science with an emphasis on soil properties for premium wine grape production. We will address soil formation, physical and chemical properties, as well so soil and, to a lesser extent, water management. Topics will be addressed to cover the concepts behind and practical guidance for decision making for soil and nutrient management, including aspects of soil water as this influences plant nutrient availability. Concepts covered will be: nutrient management strategies and needs for newly planted and established vineyards; irrigation water quality and quantity management as related to soil and nutrient management.

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  • Lecture 1: Introduction & Overview
  • Lecture 2A: Soil Formation
  • Lecture 2B: Soil Formation
  • Lecture 2C: Architecture and Physical Properties
  • Lecture 3: Physics of Soil Water
  • Lecture 4: Soil Chemical Properties
  • Lecture 5: Soil Biology
  • Lecture 6A: Essential Plant Nutrients
  • Lecture 6B: Uptake of Soil-Derived Nutrients
  • Lecture 7: Managing Soil Nutrients
  • Lecture 8: Soil Testing
  • Lecture 9A: Managing pH and Salt-Affected Soils
  • Lecture 9B: Irrigation Water Quality
  • Lecture 10: Managing Soil Physical Properties
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed