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Wine Production

This course is an overview of the winemaking process for both red and white wines. It is taught by Jim Harbertson, an internationally recognized Enologist. This course covers the entirety of still wine production from harvest decisions to the choice of enclosure at bottling. The differences between red and white winemaking will be discussed, and various techniques utilized in the industry will be outlined.

The seven lecture topics are:
Lecture 1 - Intro/Overview of Winemaking: Harvest Decisions, Grape Ripening, Sampling, Sampling Practices;
Lecture 2 - Preparation of Musts and Juices: Crushing and Destemming, Must Handling, Must Additions and Pressing;
Lecture 3 - Primary Fermentation: Fermentation Biochemistry, Yeast Selection and Inoculation, Stuck Ferments;
Lecture 4 - Secondary Fermentation: Malolactic Fermentation, Wine Style and ML, Controlling ML;
Lecture 5 - Aging/Clarification and Bottling: Barrel Aging, Clarification Fining, Settling, Cold Stabilization, Filtering, Bottling, Blending, Intro to Sensory, Enclosures;
Lecture 6 - White Wine Making: Cool Fermentation, Protection from Oxidation, Minimization of Skin/Seed Contact, Enzyme Addition, Solids Removal, Fermentation, Barrel/Tank, Secondary Fermentation, Cold Stabilization, Examples;
Lecture 7 - Red Wine Making: Warm Fermentation, Mixing Techniques, Extraction Techniques, Oak and Oak Alternatives, Oxidation and Micro-Oxidation, Examples.

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  • Lecture 1: Overview of Winemaking and Determining Ripeness
  • Lecture 2: Preparation of Musts and Juice
  • Lecture 3: Fermentation
  • Lecture 4: Secondary Fermentation
  • Lecture 5A: Barreling, Clarification, Blending and Bottling
  • Lecture 5B: Barreling, Clarification, Blending and Bottling (Continued)
  • Lecture 6: White Wines
  • Lecture 7A: Red Wines
  • Lecture 7B: Red Wines (Continued)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed