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Disease Management of Grapevines

This comprehensive course, taught by Dr. Michelle Moyer, covers all aspects of grape and grapevine diseases, including management, cultural and chemical control of several grapevine diseases. This course also includes pdf's of all lecture slides (read-only), lecture transcriptions, and 12 pdf resources of articles, fact sheets.

The Lecture Topics are:
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Disease Management
Lecture 2 - Concepts in Disease Management
Lecture 3 - Language and Scouting
Lecture 4 - Grape Powdery Mildew
Lecture 5 - Botrytis, Bunch Rot and Blight
Lecture 6 - Crown Gall of Grapevines
Lecture 7 - Other Diseases
Lecture 8 - Intro to Nematodes (NEW!)
Lecture 9 - Nematodes in Washington Vineyards and Their Management

*Upon purchase of 'Disease Management of Grapevines', you will have unlimited access to the module for one full year. Transcripts and lecture content cannot be downloaded from the TalentLMS platform.

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  • 2023-DisMgmt-ReadingsResources.docx
  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Disease Management
  • 2023GrapeDis-1-IntroTranscripts (read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 2: Concepts in Disease Management
  • 2023GrapeDis-2-MgmtConceptsTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 3: Language and Scouting
  • 2023GrapeDis-3-PowderyMildewTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 4: Grapevine Powdery Mildew
  • 2023GrapeDis-4-BotrytisTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 5: Botrytis, Bunch Rot and Blight
  • 2023GrapeDis-5-OtherFoliarFruitTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 6: Crown Gall of Grapevines
  • 2023GrapeDis-6-CrownGallTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 7: Other Diseases
  • 2023GrapeDis-7-OtherTrunkTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 8: Intro to Nematodes
  • 2023GrapeDis-8-IntroNemaTranscripts(read-only).pdf
  • Lecture 9: Nematodes in Washington Vineyards and Their Management
  • 2023GrapeDis-9-NemaMgmtTranscripts(read-only).pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed